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Neumann Surname Meaning and Family History

Neumann Surname Meaning and Family History The Neumann surname originated as a descriptive surname or nickname  for a new man, settler, or newcomer, from the German prefix neu, meaning new, and mann, meaning man. NEWMAN is an English version of this surname. Neumann is the 18th most common German surname. Surname Origin: German, Danish, Jewish Alternate Surname Spellings:  NEUMAN, NAUMANN, NEWMAN, NEUMANNS, NEUMANS, VON NEUMANN, NUMAN, NAUMAN, NAWMAN, NEIMAN, PNEUMAN Famous People with the Neumann Surname Balthasar Neumann  - 18th-century German architectJohn von Neumann - famous Hungarian  mathematicianElsa Neumann - German physicistGerhard Neumann - German-American aviation engineer Where the Neumann Surname Is Most Common According to surname distribution from Forebears, the Neumann surname is most common in Germany, where it is the 16th most common last name. Its also fairly common in Austria, ranking 120th.  According to WorldNames PublicProfiler, the Neumann surname is found throughout Germany, but especially in the northeastern part of the country in the states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Sachsen. The Newman surname, on the other hand, is most frequent in southern England, in the South West, South East, and East Anglia regions. Surname maps at indicate the Neumann surname is found in the greatest numbers in Berlin, followed by the cities and counties of Hamburg, Region Hannover, Recklinghausen, Mà ¼nchen, Essen, Kà ¶ln,  Là ¶bau-Zittau, Dortmund, and Bremen. Genealogy Resources for the Surname Neumann Meanings of Common German Surnames: Uncover the meaning of your German last name with this article on how various types of German surnames originated, and a list of the 50 most common last names in Germany.Neumann  Family Crest - Its Not What You Think: Contrary to what you may hear, there is no such thing as a Neumann  family crest or coat of arms for the Neumann surname.  Coats of arms are granted to individuals, not families, and may rightfully be used only by the uninterrupted male-line descendants of the person to whom the coat of arms was originally granted.Newman Family  DNA  Surname Project: Individuals with the Newman  surname, and variations including Neumann, Neuman, Nauman, Naumann, Nawman, Newnam, Newnom, Neaman, Neiman, Numan, Pneuman, and von Neumann, are invited to participate in this group DNA project in an attempt to learn more about Newman family origins. The website includes information on the project, the research done to date, and instructions on how to participate.Neumann Family Genealogy Forum: This free message board is focused on descendants of Neumann  ancestors around the world. FamilySearch Neumann Genealogy: Explore over 3.2  million results from digitized  historical records and lineage-linked family trees related to the Neumann surname on this free website hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Neumann Surname Mailing List: Free mailing list for researchers of the Neumann  surname and its variations includes subscription details and a searchable archives of past - NEUMANN  Genealogy Family History: Explore free databases and genealogy links for the last name Neumann.GeneaNet - Neumann Records: GeneaNet includes archival records, family trees, and other resources for individuals with the Neumann  surname, with a concentration on records and families from France and other European countries.The Neumann  Genealogy and Family Tree Page: Browse genealogy records and links to genealogical and historical records for individuals with the Neumann  surname from the website of Genealogy Today.

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Ethical Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Ethical Issues - Essay Example Computers and information systems have become part of human lives and, as a result, have created an opportunity for abuse and misuse hence raising the issue of ethics (Haag & Cummings, 2013). There is an ethical issue relating to the privacy of personal information and increasing concern about storage and access to personal details (Haag & Cummings, 2013). The risk of losing individual privacy affects information system because some people are unwilling to transact online for fear of exposing personal details to unintended persons. On the other organizations are incurring a lot of expenses to protect clients details from unauthorized users. Although organizations cannot fully prevent unauthorized access clients information, they can limit the accessibility by installing security details such as data encryption and use of passwords (Haag & Cummings, 2013). In conclusion, the use of information technology and systems has both positive and negative implications in the society. Although it has improved interactions of persons across the globe, it has caused ethical issues such as loss of privacy through unauthorized access to personal details. Organizations should improve protection of personal information. However, organizations should provide their clients with training on what information they should share and how to protect their privacy against unintended

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Discuss, using examples, how the Internet may change Michael Porter's Essay

Discuss, using examples, how the Internet may change Michael Porter's five competitive forces - Essay Example The introduction of computers and internet has significant effects on Porter’s five forces model. According to Poon (1997), global computer network has far-reaching abilities and is capable of reducing the normal business expenditure. This paper analyses how Internet may change Michael Porter’s five competitive forces. How the Internet may change Michael Porter’s five competitive forces? Internet and Threat of substitute products Threat of substitute products is increasing day by day in global market after the arrival of internet and the subsequent development of ecommerce. As per the statistics released by US Department of Commerce in May 2005, e-commerce sales in the first quarter of the year had been $19.8 billion (Eschen, 2005). In other words, business in the virtual world is increasing rapidly at present because of the arrival of internet. It should be noted that Chinese companies are manufacturing plenty of duplicate products in their country. It is easy f or them to make a duplicate for iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 and sell it at a cheaper rate. People in America or Europe can easily purchase these duplicate products with the help of internet. In short, threat of substitute products is increasing day by day because of the arrival of internet and subsequent development of ecommerce. ... As a result of that retailers forced to start business in the virtual world also. Wal-Mart and Tesco like prominent retailers have already started ecommerce because of the challenges facing by them from new entrants in the virtual world. Vitez (2013) pointed out that companies should implement current technologies in business. Otherwise competitors may use new Internet-based technology for creating a competitive advantage in the economic marketplace. For example, outsourcing is one of the latest business concepts developed in the corporate world with the arrival of internet. According to Thompson (2009), outsourcing is a business process in which a company contracts with another company to provide services that might normally performed by in-house employees. Because of manpower shortage, labor costs in America and Europe are extremely higher than that in Asian countries. Therefore, goods and services produced in these countries may struggle to compete effectively with Indian or Chine se products and services in the market. In order to avoid this problem, American and European companies are outsourcing their business to cheap labor oriented countries to compete effectively in the market. It should be noted that Indian or Chinese companies can sell cheaper products in American or European market through internet. As a result of that, American and European companies may struggle to sell their products even in the local market. â€Å"For existing businesses, these new online sellers represent a challenge to retain customers† (Hartman, 2013). To avoid this problem from new entrants, these companies are currently outsourcing and offshoring their business activities to cheap labor oriented overseas

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Two theories of motivation Essay Example for Free

Two theories of motivation Essay The subject of motivation can be approached from a number of perspectives. Some theories approach motivation as coming from within a person (Drive Theory), whereas other theories approach motivation as coming from within the person (Incentive Theory). Compare and contrast two theories of motivation explaining how the two approaches may differ and how they may be similar. Does one theory seem to explain motivation better than the other? Support your argument with examples from each theory. Motives are reasons people hold for initiating and performing voluntary behaviour. They indicate the meaning of human behaviour, and they may reveal a persons values. Motives often affect a persons perception, cognition, emotion and behaviour. A person who is highly motivated to gain social status, for example, may be observant of marks of social distinction, may think often about issues that pertain to wealth, may especially enjoy the feeling of self-importance, and may behave in ways associated with upper-class status . By defining motives as reasons, we do not imply that motives are primarily cognitive; any more than establishing a motive for crime in a court of law requires conscious premeditation. A person can have a reason to behave, and thus a motive, without necessarily being aware of it. Aristotle (330BCE/1953) divided motives into ends versus means on the basis of the individuals purpose for performing the behaviour. Ends are indicated when a person engages in a behaviour for no apparent reason other than that is what the person desires to do. Examples include a child playing with a ball for physical exercise and a student reading a book out of curiosity. In each of these examples, the goal is desired for its own sake. In contrast, means are indicated when a person performs an act for its instrumental value. Examples include a professional athlete who plays football for a salary and a student who studies to improve a grade. In each of these examples, the goal (salary, grade) is desired because it produces something else. A person might seek a salary, for example, as a means of enhancing social status, or high grades as a means of pleasing a parent. An analysis of a persons behaviour may identify a series of instrumental acts followed by one or more end goals that complete a behaviour chain.  For example, a person may take a second job for the extra salary (instrumental motive), desire the extra salary to purchase health insurance (instrumental motive), and desire the health insurance to benefit their family (end goal). This example of a behaviour chain shows three behaviours, two motivated by instrumental goals and a third by an end goal. Logically, only goals that are desired for their own sake can serve as the end of a purposeful explanation of a series of human acts (Reiss, 2003). The number of instrumental motives is, for all practical purposes, unlimited. Only imagination limits how may different ways individuals can pursue the end goal of, say, power. In contrast, the number of ends is limited by human nature (Reiss, 2003). Two theoretical perspectives have been advanced concerning end goals. Multifaceted theory holds that the various end goals are largely unrelated to each other, perhaps to the point where they are genetically distant sources of motivation with different evolutionary histories. Multifaceted theorist include philosophers who have suggested lists of the most fundamental motives of human nature (Eg Spinoza, 1675/1949), psychologists who have put forth evolutionary theories of motivation (Eg McDougall, 1926) and psychologists who have suggested theories of human needs (Eg Murray, 1938). In contrast, unitary or global theorists hold that end goals can be profitably reduced to a small number of categories based on common characteristics. Unitary theorists seek the underlying psychological principles that are expressed by diverse motivational events. The ancient Greek philosophers, for example, reduced end goals into categories expressing the needs of the body, mind and soul (Eg Plato, 375 BCE/1966). Hedonists distinguished between end goals associated with the pleasures enhanced and those related to pain reduction (Russell, 1945). Freud (1916/1963) reduced motives to sexual and aggressive instincts. Today, some social psychologists classify end goals into two global categories, called drives (or extrinsic motivation) and intrinsic motives  (IMs). The distinction has been influential 1,921 scholarly publications on intrinsic motivation (IM) appeared during January 1967 and the present day (source: PsycINFO). IM has been investigated in social psychology (eg Ryan Deci, 2000), developmental psychology (eg, Harter, 1981), clinical psychology (eg Eisenberger Cameron, 1996), organisational psychology (eg, Houkes, Janssen, de Jonge, Nijhuis, 2001), and eduational psychology (eg, Kohn, 1993). Drive Theory Thorndikes (1911) law of effect reduced human motivation to categories of reward and punishment. This law holds that responses are strengthened when they lead to satisfaction and weakened when they lead to punishment. Psychologists studying learning soon realised Thorndikes law is a tautology or a proposition that is circular (true by definition). The following statements, for example, are circular with respect to each other: Rewards strengthen behaviour and Any event that strengthens behaviour is a reward. The concept of drive was introduced to escape from the circularity of the law of effect (Brown, 1961). Instead of identifying reward as any stimulus or satisfying event that strengthens behaviour, drive theorists defined it as a reduction in a state of deprivation. The statements Drive reduction strengthens behaviour and Drive reduction occurs when a state of deprivation is lessened are not circular to each other. Hull (1943) recognised four types of drives: hunger, thirst, sex and escape from pain. In many animal learning experiments, investigators have induced drives by depriving animals of an important need prior to the experiment. The deprivation of food, for example, establishes food as a powerful reward, increasing the animals motivation to learn responses that produce food (Skinner, 1938). Much of animal learning theory is based on the results of psychological studies with food-deprived or water-deprived animals. Unitary Intrinsic Motivation Theory The unitary construct of IM was put forth as an alternative to drive theory. The initial insight was that many of the motives not explained well by drive theory motives such as exploration (curiosity), autonomy, and play have common properties. To a large extent, unitary IM theory initially represented an attempt to show the essential differences between drives and what psychodynamic theorists have called ego motives. In the past, the distinction between drives and IMs has been thought to have a physiological basis, at least according to some published remarks. The general idea was that drives such as hunger and thirst arise from tissue needs involving peripheral components of the nervous system, where as IMs arise from psychological or cognitive processes involving primary central neural activity. Deci (1975), for example, wrote that the primary effects of IM are in the tissues of the central nervous system rather than in the non-nervous system tissues (pg 61). The physiological paradigm for distinguishing drives from IMs always lacked scientific support; indeed, we now know that it is physiological nonsense. Motives such as hunger and thirst, for example, involve significant central nervous system or cognitive activity (Berntson Cacioppo, 2000). Both the behaviourist concept of drive and the concept of IM as nondrive have no precise physiological meaning and originally were put forth at a time when little was know about the physiology of motivation. Conclusion Since antiquity, scholars have debated whether human motives can be reduced to a few global categories. Ancient Greek philosophers, for example, distinguish between motives associated with the body (such as hunger and thirst) and those associated with the intellect (such as curiosity, morality and friendship). In the early part of the 20th century, Freud (1916/1963) argued that all motives are ultimately linked to sex. Hedonists, on the other hand, reduced all motives to pleasure seeking versus pain avoidance. The concept of IM can be viewed as a modern example of the effort in motivation reductionism. IM theorists divide motives into two global  categories: drives (as called extrinsic motivation) and intrinsic motivation. Drives are about biologic survival needs, whereas IMs pertain to what some have called ego motives. Hunger, thirst, and pain avoidance are paradigm examples of drives, whereas curiosity, autonomy, and play are paradigm examples of IMs.

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Big Cats in Asia Essay -- Animal Research

The relationship between human beings and the environment has always been in conflict. Our world these days is based on the economy and the ambitious interest people have in leaving nature behind. Nowadays, business is growing and so is the population, people’s priority is to make as much money as possible, but do they really care about the environment around them? Our greediness for money has led us to destroy forests and animal niches. However, there might still be hope for animals that were taken from their habitat to start over again, in a very slow process by stopping deforestation and increasing conservation areas. This essay is focused on the conflicts between the Siberian tigers human modified environment they now live in, and how this has been affecting them periodically to the point of becoming endangered, and how people around the world are trying to help by restoring their habitat. Tigers in crisis news write â€Å"almost all wild Siberian tigers live in the Southeast corner of Russia in the Sikhote-Alin mountain range east of the Amur River. Their range also includes northeastern of China and the Korean peninsula, and as far west as Mongolia. It is consider critically endangered species with the primary threats to its survival in the wild being poaching and habitat loss from intensive logging and development. It is estimated that the wild population of Siberian tigers at around 350-450 tigers†. (Introduction). Like Ruth Ashby said, â€Å"Once there were eight sub species of tigers today there are three of them†(22) Tigers occupy just 7% of their historic range due to the increase of population over the average global rate across the majority of the tiger’s habitat, therefore current tiger habitat extents through one of the mo... ...rticles/Killed%20for%20Cure%20-%20Trade%20in%20Tiger%20Bone.pdf>. O'Brien, T. G., Kinnaird, M. F. and Wibisono, H. T. (2003), Crouching tigers, hidden prey: Sumatran tiger and prey populations in a tropical forest landscape. Animal Conservation, 6: 131–139. doi: 10.1017/S1367943003003172 Sandberg, L. Anders, and Tor Sandberg. A Practical Environmental Education. Climate Change: Who's Carrying the Burden? : the Chilly Climates of the Global Environment Dilemma. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2010. 195-96. Print. Siberian Tiger at Tigers in Crisis." Tigers in Crisis - Information About Earth's Endangered Tigers. Web. . Wittier, John Greenleaf. "The Worship of Nature." The Complete Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier. H.E.S ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1894. 141. Print. Reprinted

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Motorola Failure

Motorola Mobility, the ailing cellphone maker that Google bought in May, told employees Sunday that it would lay off 20 percent of its work force and close a third of its 94 offices worldwide. The cuts are the first step in Google's plan to reinvent Motorola, which has fallen far behind its biggest competitors, Apple and Samsung, and to shore up its Android mobile business and expand beyond search and software into the manufacture of hardware. The turnaround effort will also be a referendum on the management of Larry Page, Google's chief executive, whose boldest move has been the $12. billion acquisition. Though Google bought Motorola partly because of its more than 17,000 patents, which can help defend against challenges to the Android operating system, it also planned to use Motorola to make its own, better smartphones and tablets. One-third of the 4,000 jobs lost will be in the United States. The company plans to leave unprofitable markets, stop making low-end devices and focus on a few cellphones instead of dozens, said Dennis Woodside, Motorola's new chief executive, in a rare interview. We're excited about the smartphone business,† said Mr. Woodside, who previously led Google's sales and operations for the Americas. â€Å"The Google business is built on a wired model, and as the world moves to a pretty much completely wireless model over time, it's really going to be important for Google to understand everything about the mobile consumer. † But some analysts wonder whether Google can succeed in the brutally competitive, low-margin cellphone business. Ninety percent of the profits in the smartphone space are going to Apple and Samsung, and everyone else from Motorola to RIM to LG to Nokia are picking up the scraps of that 10 percent,† said Charlie Kindel, a former manager at Microsoft who writes about the mobile industry. â€Å"There's no real sign that's changing anytime soon. † It was not always this way. Motorola executives lik e to talk about its glory days. The company, started in 1928 in Chicago, unveiled the first commercial cellphone in 1973.By 2004, it looked as if Motorola could again lead the cellphone industry when it introduced the popular Razr. But Apple and Samsung won consumers' hearts with the more exciting iPhone and Galaxy phones. Motorola Mobility – which split last year from Motorola Solutions, the division that makes devices like police radios – lost $233 million in its first six weeks under Google. The phone business has been unprofitable for 14 of the last 16 quarters. â€Å"It got left in the dust by the competition and kind of missed the smartphone transition,† said Charles S. Golvin, a mobile analyst at Forrester Research.In addition to the coming cuts, Google has gutted Motorola management, letting go 40 percent of its vice presidents. It also hired new senior executives. It will shrink operations in Asia and India, and center research and development in Chicag o, Sunnyvale and Beijing. Mr. Woodside also plans to cut the number of devices Motorola makes from the 27 it introduced last year to just a few. He wants to make the company's products cool again by loading them with things like sensors that recognize who is in a room based on their voices, cameras that take crisper photos and batteries that last for days.Many of these new ideas will come from a group of just a few dozen people within the company that has the unassuming name of Advanced Technology and Projects. To foster innovation, Google created the group to drop a Silicon Valley-style start-up into a lumbering Midwestern company and recruited Regina Dugan from the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa, to run it. Ms. Dugan, though coming from Washington, already speaks the language of Silicon Valley. â€Å"It's a small, lean and agile group that is unafraid of failure,† she said, and it will â€Å"celebrate impatience. She is hiring metal scientis ts, acoustics engineers and artificial intelligence experts. They will work for her for only two years so they feel a sense of urgency, she said, an idea she borrowed from Darpa, where people wear their resignation date on their name tags. Motorola has been spending too much money on too many different cellphone components, said Mark Randall, whom Google recruited to run Motorola's supply chain from Amazon. com, where he did that for the Kindle. He said he planned to jettison suppliers and buy 50 percent fewer components.How to get people excited about Motorola phones when shiny iPhones are on the next shelf? Gary Briggs, who ran consumer marketing at Google and now does so at Motorola, is working on advertisements that he said would be more like Google's – simple and emotional. They will focus on Motorola's storied past and the ways the products are better than the competition's, like battery life. â€Å"We have a right to compete in this market,† Mr. Briggs said, â⠂¬Å"and I think we've got to prove why we're going to build and bring devices to people that are worth talking about again. † Competitors like Sony, LG and HTC will be watching losely to see how the Motorola-Google relationship develops, especially whether Motorola receives special treatment from Google. Like Motorola, they use the Android mobile operating system, for which Google receives no payment. â€Å"They certainly don't believe Google's going to keep a Chinese wall in place,† Mr. Kindel, the former Microsoft manager, said of the other cellphone makers. â€Å"The reality is people work together, they can pick up the phones and talk. There is going to be an advantage. † There is, for instance, a program for Google software engineers to work at Motorola for a year or two. But Mr.Woodside said Google benefited from many manufacturers' using Android, and repeated Google's promise that Motorola would have no advantages. He said Motorola would also compete equal ly with others to build Google-branded Nexus devices, which Google makes with a hardware partner when it introduces new versions of Android. A Motorola Mobility executive who recently left the company and would speak only on the condition of anonymity because he was uncomfortable talking to the news media, said that if anything, it had become more difficult than before for Motorola to have impromptu collaboration with the Android team.But still, because of the relationship, Motorola could get priority on Google products, like a mobile version of desktop software. And, people familiar with the companies say, Google could decide to follow Apple's lead and build a phone from silicon to software, perhaps by creating a separate operating system for Motorola that other phone makers cannot use. Google and Motorola seem to have a mutually beneficial marriage of hardware and software, Mr. Golvin said.Motorola needs software smarts and Google, which has struggled with Chrome laptops, Google T V and most recently the Nexus Q, needs help with hardware. Motorola's set-top boxes, which it sells to cable operators, could also help Google make the leap to TV screens, if it does not sell that business. In the meantime, Motorola's cellphone expertise has already been useful. Sergey Brin, Google's co-founder, called to see whether the sky divers he had hired to perform at a recent conference could get cell reception a mile in the sky.

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An Assignment On The Freelance Business Essay - 1564 Words

The Freelance Business The most timeless and versatile business models are the freelance, the solution, the specialization, the debt, and the first to market business model. Of course, when developing business ideas, you can blend any of these common models, or do an entirely new version of them. Theoretically you could have separate business lines with different models operating as one unit. However, this chapter and each of the subsequent ones will be dedicated to focusing on just one of these models. Within each chapter, there will also be examples of legacy incumbents, some business theory, as well as disruptors who have done something different to reframe the norm. Obviously, this chapter is dedicated to the freelance model. Whether there is a good or service involved, the freelance business is basically the owner selling their time. Nearly anyone can set up this relatively inexpensive kind of business. Despite the freelance business being one of the most popular and traditional business models, it is often considered not to be a real â€Å"business.† How is this kind of reasoning possible? With the other four business models, the idea/premise is structured in such a way that the owner can step away from daily operations and work on their business rather than in it. Those models are more scalable because the owner does not need to be present for the business to operate. This paradigm is far more difficult in a freelance business. Essentially a business modelShow MoreRelatedQuestions On Upcoming Future Of Jobs1095 Words   |  5 Pageswith full time work for one company and is earned either by hourly or salary for work. Contractors and freelancers have a very diverse relationship with companies, which means now not as employers, but clients. The difference between contract and freelance work itself, but, is a little less clear, and one can occasionally shape into the other. Normally freelancers are employed by the project, and the client relationship is Direct. Freelancers are likely to report and withhold their own taxes, andRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Gig Workers1622 Words   |  7 Pagesworkforce made up by freelance employees, amounting to nearly 55 million workers earning an estimated $1 trillion in wages. That is an impressive statistic and shows the importance of the freelancer to the U.S. economy. A growing trend among employers is to fulfill work tasks per-assignment to independent contractors. This trend is increasingly referred to as the gig economy. The labor market is changing to include a prevalence of short-term contracts, temporary work or freelance work. Who is the gigRead MoreTips For A Freelance Contractor1067 Words   |  5 PagesNiche You Choose Today you will find that almost all professionals can freelance right from the comfort of their home, being able to choose what projects they would like to be a part of and decide the pace of their work. From writers, designers, editors, publishers, programmers, IT consultants, content managers, investment consultants, lawyers, dieticians, SEO experts and even multimedia experts can easily find freelance assignments to earn a steady income. However, the key lies in choosing a niche youRead MoreE Startups : Service Providers1085 Words   |  5 Pagestheir delivery vans, cutting down on unneccessary costs incurred by delivery providers that do not have such a system. Rocket Uncle’s value-based proposition is having faster delivery time by routing delivery assignments to multiple local networks such as crowd-sourced couriers or freelance drivers. Hence, there is no need to go through a sorting facility which would slow down the delivery process. They provide greater transparency in their deliveries, providing the details of the deliveryman toRead MoreQuestions On The Action Challenge Essay1364 Words   |  6 Pagesworking on an important assignment in the computer lab, and it seemingly went missing before her eyes. I was immediately empathetic, because of course I’ve been there, and told her I would do all I could to help her recover the document. -First, I used prior knowledge. Admittedly, it was limited, and none of my methods did the trick. -Then, I went online and searched for solutions. (She was freaking out, and my intuition told me that she actually did lose her assignment, so I told her if I couldn’tRead MoreSo As Most Of You Probably Know I Decided To Do A Little1732 Words   |  7 Pagescurious in the results I might do one extra update when the time comes. When you are a freelance writer all of your promotion comes from you. You can write until the cows come home, but if you have no audience what s the point? Self promotion and the freelance writer are intertwined and cannot be separated. If you don t self promote you will have no readers. There s almost nothing more important to a freelance writer than to have your work reach the largest amount of readers as possible. PublishersRead MoreOrbital Atk Management At Orbital Atk Management1306 Words   |  6 Pagesdiscuss about why it is important to hire a full-time technical writer or writers in the workplace. The purpose is to describe the benefits of having a technical writer and how he/she can impact the company greatly. Description/Background: In business, there’s people that rely on technical writers if they ever make mistakes towards there writing. At Orbital ATK we’re all about cooperating with each other and as employees, few of us became involved in strategic thinking and planning for our companyRead MoreThe Importance Of Being A Photographer By Photographer862 Words   |  4 Pageslearn how to set up the lights, cameras, and other equipment. They may receive many different assignments involving camera adjustments or decisions on what kind of subject to capture. With better experience, they may advance to more demanding required assignments. Photography assistants sometimes mix chemicals, develop film, print photographs, and the various skills necessary to run their own photography business. A photographer earns about $17.59 an hour and gets about $65,510 a year. There are manyRead MoreWhat I Knew About Being An Artist1141 Words   |  5 Pagesyourself doing for a lifetime; Art is something I will gladly do for a lifetime. Art is perfect for me and my future plans. I could become a renowned artist known all throughout the world and sell scribbles for millions or I could become a small freelance artist who makes a good wage to help provide for my future family.(Quite honestly both of these options sound great to me.) I love art and how it makes me feel but more importantly I love what art can do for others. Art can play on the emotions ofRead MoreOrbital Atk Management : Importance Of Hiring A Hire A Full Time Technical Writer Or Writers1367 Words   |  6 Pagestechnical writers that can be good to use whenever it comes to managing the business, create content for product catalogues, application guides and installation, operating and maintenance manuals (Linton, n.d.). If we want to expand to strive for being the most and most recommended f or not only our product but the quality as well then we need to follow up on what the technical writer’s main functions are when it comes to business (Writing Assistance, Inc, n.d-A). Discussion: Main point 1 Technical